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What Our Customers Think of Monsum

Monsum is a complete self-service billing solution that puts subscription management in your hands. It has all the tools you need to create new recurring billing plans for digital services, physical goods, or even time-based billing. Monsum takes minutes to set up and offers reliable and fast subscription processing, making it perfect for SaaS services and platforms that bill users through their own billing system.

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The Problem

What challenges did you face at Tutory?

As we grew in 2016, we realized that we were wasting a lot of time on low-value but frequent manual tasks and processes on our accounting team. Simple tasks like changing products or creating test periods involved a lot of work.

We needed a system that would allow our customers to buy licenses themselves and still give us the flexibility to support our customers while automating our billing.

The Needs

In particular, we were looking for a solution that would help us with these goals:

• Automate billing as the course catalog expands and more product lines with complex billing cases are added

• Automate our dunning process to relieve our accounting department. It was previously done manually and resulted in too much effort

• Create a self-service subscription management option for our customers

• Incorporate flexible product management into our workflows

The Solution

What challenges is Tutory solving today using Monsum?

Integration with multiple payment gateways gives Tutory users multiple payment options and reduces reliance on a single processor—eliminating the risk of payment default.

The manual effort involved in creating invoices has been greatly reduced. For example, school licenses had to be invoiced individually and manually. With the integration of Monsum, the end customers can buy them independently, and little effort is needed on our part. With the help of the Monsum solution, many crucial optimisations can be made to the processes. Flexible product changes and adjustments of various factors such as trial period change, subscription renewals, and much more.

“Monsum supports us in automating our processes. In addition, they offer expert and reliable support. We look forward to the further technical development of Monsum”
Thomas Haubner
Management -

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The Problem

What challenge did have to overcome?

We’ve been frustrated with previous subscription software providers. There was too much manual effort involved in invoicing and managing recurring invoices. We needed a full-time employee to do all of this work. In addition, the options were too static and inflexible for us.

The Needs

In particular, we were looking for a solution that would help us with these goals:

• We wanted a flexible tool that would help give us what we need, so that everything is in one place.

• We needed a self-service subscription management option for our customers.

• We needed an automated subscription management and recurring billing solution.

The Solution

What challenge are you tackling today at with the help of Monsum?

With the help of the API interface, optimizations can be made to our processes, and we save a lot of time. By integrating Monsum we save 15% monthly compared to our previous solutions. Full automation of subscription management – from user choice of plans, registration and billing to recurring monthly payments – is very important to us. The fact that we only need to take a moment to delve into all aspects of subscription management helps us focus on business growth.

Why did you decide to work with Monsum?

We spoke to 3 different providers, like Billwerk and others, but we were previously very happy with FastBill and were keen to keep the provider. In the past, we were frustrated with our subscription software solution – now it just runs smoothly and stably in the background, just as you’d want it to.
“The support from Monsum is fantastic. The integration worked very quickly and easily. If someone asked me about subscription and billing software, I would immediately recommend Monsum.”
Sascha Hopp
Chief Executive Officer -
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